Monday, August 5

Back In Time

I'm back from our country getaway! It was dreamy :)  On our way up, we headed into Howick to visit Back in Time - one of my favourite antiques stores. On this occasion, it was brimming with disturbing doll displays! While there, we also said hello to Monty, a cannibal-chicken-bone-boiled-egg-eating Parrot. If that's not a reason to visit, I don't know what is. Stay tuned for the next instalment featuring donkeys being awesome and my brush with an electric fence - good times! x

 photo IMG_9991.jpg photo IMG_9945.jpg photo IMG_9963.jpg photo IMG_9953-1.jpg photo IMG_9916.jpg photo IMG_9913-1.jpg photo IMG_9940.jpg photo IMG_9961.jpg photo IMG_9919-1.jpg photo IMG_9901.jpg photo IMG_9973.jpg photo IMG_9902.jpg photo IMG_9934.jpg photo IMG_9954.jpg photo IMG_9992.jpg photo IMG_9980.jpg
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