Monday, July 8

The last 6 months in scribbles and pictures

Hey guys! Thanks for all your sweet comments, mails and tweets. I'm still without a computing device at the moment but here's a glance back over the past six months. x
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Found beautiful roses at the Christmas market with Cath. My besties from overseas came to visit and we had the best New Year's ever. Little Olive twanged guitar at my flat, I worked on my Smitten Pictures website and decided that Wakaberry was the essential summer breakfast!
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Went on lots of adventures with Nikki and rummaged through thrift stores on Saturday mornings. Spent lots of time at home nesting. Snapped portraits of Taneal, partied at Monique's Zombie jol and started dreaming up studio ideas for Smitten.
 photo 3.jpg
Had so much fun snapping my bro and his sweet girlfriend. Tucked into berries and croissants on another shoot with a friend. Headed to the hills with Taryn, squealed when I got my childhood colouring pencils from my gran and found an amazing vintage wedding dress with Taneal.
 photo 4.jpg
More thrifted finds and another shoot with Taneal. We found an amazing thrift store tucked behind my favourite field! Went scrambling over rocks with Suegnet and Roller Derbied with Nikki! Celebrated lots of thirtieths and had a Cowgirl hen's party for Sarah.  photo 5.jpg
Danced all night at Sarah's wedding. The Tall One and I had a vodka-fuelled pizza evening! Hung out behind the scenes on a family shoot. Took my God-kiddies to play in the autumn leaves and snapped some pics for Gen's Po-Up shop.
 photo 6.jpg
Fell in love with Jenna's Floral Crowns! Went camping with the two Jonathans. Made some feathery friends at the Farmer's Market. Hung out in the winter sun with my family. Snapped Sarah the fairy bride and went trudging through the bush with the God-Kiddies.

It's been a really happy time filled with fun, colourful memories. 
Thanks as always for reading along. x
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