Sunday, July 28

Furry paws and cotton tails

LJ and I went to the animal farm today! It's one of my favourite places to go as some of you will know. We petted the pony, fed the cheeky goats and I snugged the donkeys. We wanted to buy a little piglet and call him Uncle Crackling but sanity prevailed. I wish I could have cuddled all the soft, fluffy bunnies. Now, I'm going to sleep and dream of little paws. x

 photo IMG_1746.jpg photo IMG_1734.jpg photo IMG_1692-2.jpg photo IMG_1755.jpg photo IMG_1770.jpg photo IMG_1753.jpg photo IMG_1760.jpg photo IMG_1748.jpg photo IMG_1740.jpg photo IMG_1715.jpg photo IMG_1754.jpg photo IMG_1730.jpg photo IMG_1737.jpg photo IMG_1688.jpg photo IMG_1729.jpg

PS: Thank you Tall One for snapping this pic of me. Creature love. x

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