Tuesday, June 18

Winter Sun

A few more happy snaps from the weekend. We had a picnic in the park for Father's Day. We're not usually a family who erm, picnics. In fact, I think that could be our first ever picnic? But it was rather pleasant! Brother bear and I went to visit the ducks after mapping an epic lunch of flapjacks, chicken pitas and chocolate-dipped strawberries. Props Mama bear! I loooove this time of year. x

 photo IMG_1909.jpg photo IMG_13502010-06-1508-28-02AM5202x3465-3.jpg photo IMG_13502010-06-1507-15-58AM3465x5202-2.jpg photo IMG_1879.jpg photo 1.jpg photo IMG_13502010-06-1508-54-30AM5202x3465.jpg photo IMG_13502010-06-1508-59-12AM3465x5202.jpg photo IMG_1871-1.jpg photo IMG_1820.jpg
 photo IMG_13502010-06-1509-08-58AM5202x3465.jpg
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