Tuesday, June 25

Sarah the fairy bride

My friend Sarah got married the other day and she looked like a fairy princess. After she got back from honeymoon, she kindly hopped back into her dress so I could snap her! This was my first bash at bridal photography, and it was a lot of fun! I have HEAPS more to edit and experiment with when I get a spare mo.  Other friends who are keen to bridal up again - let the panda know. x

   photo IMG_2353.jpg photo IMG_2267.jpg photo IMG_2316-1.jpg photo IMG_2453.jpg photo IMG_2149.jpg photo IMG_2292.jpg photo IMG_2359.jpg photo IMG_2484.jpg photo IMG_2256.jpg photo IMG_2472-1.jpg photo IMG_2352.jpg photo IMG_2420.jpg photo IMG_2463.jpg photo IMG_2198.jpg photo IMG_2228.jpg photo IMG_2469.jpg
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