Sunday, June 16

Market Day!

I got Nikki's household up at the crack of dawn so that we could head to the market. Everyone despised me I'm sure as the girls had been jolling till 4am. I however, had tucked myself into bed just after midnight like a good little Panda. Once we arrived, little Hunter skipped from stall to stall, finding me things to shoot! Is there anything better than big buckets of country flowers? Yes. There is. My year was pretty much made when I got to hold and snuggle a baby goat! After the market, we drove around Hillcrest in search of cows and ponies. I do have some snaps of us which I'll get around to editing soon. PS: It is the day of Fathers here in SA. Have a good one dad. See you later.

 photo IMG_13502010-06-1507-39-40AM3465x5202.jpg photo 6-12.jpg photo IMG_13502010-06-1507-45-11AM5202x3465-1.jpg photo IMG_13502010-06-1508-35-35AM3465x5202.jpg photo IMG_13502010-06-1507-40-19AM5202x3465.jpg photo IMG_13502010-06-1507-40-03AM3465x5202-3.jpg photo IMG_13502010-06-1507-18-53AM5202x3465-1.jpg photo IMG_13502010-06-1507-39-22AM5202x3465-1.jpg photo IMG_13502010-06-1507-39-43AM5202x3465-2.jpg photo IMG_13502010-06-1507-41-50AM5202x3465.jpg photo 9-4.jpg photo IMG_13502010-06-1508-54-02AM3465x5202.jpg
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