Tuesday, November 27

The "Christmas Cheer" Jol!

On Saturday, I invited this nice gang around for mince pies, Thirty Seconds and general Christmas cheer! Along the way, we made some Zombie videos (as you do), danced to our fave 90's songs and then I ended up....very ill. I would not recommend mixing chocolate champers with wine and mince pies and chocolates. Thank you Candi for looking after me in my hour of need. And thank you Diffy and JP who kindly took it upon themselves to defrost my freezer mid-jol! Extra special thanks to Diff who cleaned up while I was...not well. But all in all, an excellent start to the festive season!

Introducing - Classy Owl!! Taneal gave him to me. He has a bowtie and his head rotates 360 degrees! He was stuffed with real Panda biscuits - how epic! As you can see Jolling Owl got hold of him. When I woke up the next day, the first thing I saw was JO glaring down at me which explains the ghastly state I was in.
And then Candi and Andy arrived with the Panda print they designed for me - he's so cute! 
Looks like he's been properly caught in the act of some naughty Pandacapades.
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