Monday, November 5

Reunited with my amp!

Happy days - my guitar amp and I are back together! I bought this amp when I was fifteen. I chose the Laney because it said "Hardcore to the max on it" - haha! A ridiculous reason to choose an amp. But also, everyone had Marshalls so I thought it would be cool to get something different. I've just twigged that I've had this amp for half my life - yikes! We've been on many adventures together and its still going strong. So...before I went to London, I sold the amp because I needed the loot to put towards my ticket and I figured I'd buy a new amp in London. I ended up buying a Fender amp in London but it was too costly to bring it back so when I got home, I didn't have an amp. I decided to use my pounds to buy a camera but I really missed playing my electric guitar. I pined for the Laney for over two years! My goal was to save for a new amp by my birthday this year but it was a mission trying to save a good couple of grand and I really wanted my old one back. Then, amazingly enough, I heard that my amp had become available a few days after my birthday - I couldn't believe it! Now my amp and I are reunited at last. Here are some terrible pics of the Laney and my guitar. It's kinda hard taking pics in my little flat. Also, here is a song from my old band, Private Republic. x

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