Thursday, September 20

Highschool & College Days!

Hey hey!
Bridget gave me a heap of old pics to scan the last time she was here. 
There are sooo many to get through but here's a couple I've done so far. x

 No idea where this was taken. But we look awesome. And sunburnt. Ha.
 Tam and Pix smiling so sweetly. Me - I don't know.
 A picture of us with an evil-looking dog and a fan.
Ah, the 90s. So much denim. So much angst. So much Di Caprio.
 Sleepover at Jody's. Classic expressions all round :D
 We must have been quite taken with this genie style lamp pot.
 Standard Nine dance.
Apparently I thought it was the height of style to go out with half your dress cut out. Ha.
 A quick snap at Shongweni before we headed out on an epic exploration.
And to think these were the pre-wine days!
Busting the tie-dye vibes! Think this was 2000.
The final New Year jol before everyone went overseas. Sad face :( Miss you and love you girls!
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