Monday, April 2

The weekend that autumn arrived


The temperature dropped this weekend and I know I’m close to enjoying the sweet satisfaction of this! So ten rad things about this weekend? 1. A home cooked dinner washed down with a cheeky glass of vino 2. Watching Knocked-Up in new, fluffy socks 3. Jumping around to Foo Fighters, System and Pearl Jam with Nads at Burn’s closing night. Hello whiplash! 4. Catching up with my old band mates and planning a jam for next Saturday – psyched! 5. A friend of mine coming up to me in the club and saying “I think I may have a girlfriend!” 6. Jamie reminding me of this song. 7. Eating soft serve with Nads in the middle of the night 8. Interviewing four super sweet creatives for some editorials I’m scribbling 9. Catching up with Mel and Matt – two of the nicest people I know 9. Sipping tea in the crisp, early morning air 10. A long, lazy lunch in the autumn sun with Nads
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