Tuesday, February 7

001 Spring Flower

I'm not one of those people that erm, people come to and say, 'Oooh, nice hair' or 'Nice eyes!' There are some lucky sods that get that alot. But...people do often ask me what blush I use, ha. Quite often total strangers will come up to me and say 'Hey rosy cheeks, what blush do you use?' And then we lol. So yeah, pink cheeks have become a bit of a signature for me I suppose. Pink is actually the only colour that suits me blush-wise I reckon. I've been using a Rimmel one for years and then I bought this guy the other day. It says it's new on the packaging but hells, I thought this was the one I've always been using. And it's pocket-friendly for fellow scrimpers like me! Enough rambling - it's 001 Spring Flower. And look - three shades - fun!


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