Wednesday, December 7

Giselle's 30th Birthday Tea Party

Giselle is another new friend I've made through blogging. She emailed me, gosh, probably about a year ago and asked if I'd like to pop round to her mom's house to see her collection of Christmas decorations and vintage dolls. To be honest, I was a little surprised that a total stranger would invite me over, haha! Due to a ridic schedule, I've only just been able to visit Giselle's mom's home. And WOAH. I have never in my life seen so many dolls and decorations! We were celebrating Giselle's 30th birthday and she threw the most amazing tea party! Nadia and I planted ourselves beside a pile of pastries and chatted away over pink punch all afternoon. Giselle is a total dahl and I'm so glad to have gotten to know her - even if mostly online. Thanks for having us Giselle. It was a fab!

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