Friday, November 4

Scribbles from a duvet (or doona as the Ozzies call 'em!)

Been having a mad couple of days. We're accelerating up to Christmas, rather than slowing down at work! I've been hauling my belongings around Durban but am now snuggled up under a fresh duvet with some crackers and Pretty Woman on the telly - bliss! 

These are just a couple of thoughts that have been rolling around my noggin if anyone fancies a bit of a random, weekend read.
  • Umero Numero: My parents are saints. We've had our ups and downs but their recent support which has included cleaning my crumb-encrusted laptop, packing a hundred ornaments in newspaper and buying me new eyeliner has seriously helped me through a bump in the road.
  • Said parents have also got me hooked on the Jackson trial! Walgren for lyfe! He's such a class act this guy, I think somebody oughta get him a Hollywood agent stat. That said, we do have a soft spot for Flannigan's beady expressions!
  • Found myself in a huge but almost empty Checkers the other day. Wondered into the Christmas aisle which was essentially a tunnel of twinkly lights and ornaments. Got totally swept up in the Christmas spirit and bought fake snow and glitter-covered high heel ornaments! Obz high heels belong on Christmas trees.
  • I'm a big believe in spelling "Christmas," not "Xmas." Looks nicer as well.
  • Julia Roberts is too cool in the opening scene of this movie. She makes being a prozzie look seriously profesh! (Just re-read this entire post and realised that was a leap in topic!)
  • I am soooo bored of my hair. Am going with boring colour and cut while trying to get it healthy and longer. 
  • Clarins make the most amazing goodies. My mom saves up samples all year and gives them to me for my birthday. So I have great-feeling skin for one month a year and then it's back to al-cheapo Clicks' specials.
  • I need to prepare a reading for my friend's wedding. I keep joking I'll just read Hugh Grant quotes but I will seriously have to if I don't research something soon.
  • God works in mysterious ways. Like super mysterious. But in a good way.
  • I love the vibe in Durban at the mo and I LOVE my job but sometimes I wonder if I should live in Cape Town for a bit. I also think Joburg is great but that misty mountain calleth my name some days.
  • I should get some Zzzz's now. Giving Nads a hand at the market tomorrow!
Thanks if you read this ramble x
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