Wednesday, November 9

Kitchen Pen Pals: Crustless Savoury Tart

Huzzah friends! Sian sent me this scrummy little recipe for making a crustless savoury tart. I've always thought a tart would be a delicate enterprise  but this was actually a doddle to prepare. And, it's yummy enough to feel like soul food but light enough to feel like...well, not like a stuffed tart yourself! I'll spare you the usual marathon of a read but I will say this - canned asparagus tastes delicious but looks disgusting. My pre-cooked tart literally looked like a bowl of...human fingers - grim, I know! You'll see below that Sian sent me three filling ideas. I went with asparagus as it sounded the yummiest and I'm enjoying eating more veggie these days. Hope you'll enjoy this cheap and cheerful dinner idea!

"Basically use anything your heart desires...roasted butternut and feta (and some bacon), chicken and mushrooms and thyme, a tin of asparagus, whatever...bung it into a pie dish and cover with a mixture of 2 eggs, 250ml milk and 2 heaped tablespoons of flour that you have whisked together. Top with a bit of grated cheese and a sprinkle of paprika if you have and bake at 190C for 1/2 an hour." Thanks Sian, I loved this! More cooking ideas on my Kitchen Pen Pal's blog and more about Kitchen Pen Pals here. Will be hooking you lot up with Pen Pals in 2012. Tis on my 'to-blog-and-do-list.' x


PS: The bowl did not magically morph from a round dish into an oval one. I forgot to spray and cook the round one so my mom advised me to bung it into a sprayed-and-cooked oval dish. Moms, ay? So clever.
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