Wednesday, October 5

Two easy brekkie tips

Image courtesy of Pinch my Salt. Lols at that name!

I have two simple cooking tips to share with ya today! Now remember I am a beginner when it comes to cooking so tips as basic as these are revelations to me. Tip 1: Bridget taught me this when we made Scrambled Eggs the other day. Crack an egg into a little bowl, check if it's okay, then add it to your mix. If your egg is a dud, you won't spoil your entire mix. Genius! Tip 2: This is a personal, hilarious tip of mine involving the toaster - naturally! If you are cooking four pieces of toast in a two-slice toaster, toast the first two pieces till they're 80% toasted. Then, while you're cooking the other two, pop your first two on top of the toaster. The heat will finish toasting them and all of your toast will be hot! I bet Jamie Oliver had wish he'd thought of that one. Sorry Jamie - 'Twenty ways with Toast' is gonna be my first cook book. Have you guys got any toasty tips to share?
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