Friday, October 7

Today's Tip: Get rid of sticky price tag marks (and I'm 29!)

Another tip! I'm always reading helpful blog posts and thinking, 'Why don't I have any useful tips to blog!?' But today I remembered, I do have one other non-toast related one. I learnt this tip when I worked in a gift store which was probably the most un-me job ever as I am clutz supreme and this place twinkled with crystal and china. Anyway, at some point you've probably bought stuff which has a sticky price tag mark on it. Or you've tried to remove a price tag but you can't get the sticky mark off? Well, all you need is a teensy spritz of Mr Min! Yes, that dashing, suave character from the 80's South African telly commercials. Mr Min just eats the glue up in seconds. Then you give your item a little wipe and voila, le stain is gone! Not exactly rocket science but handy none the less, I hope x


An unrelated pic from A Beautiful Mess which is fill of handy tips.

PS: It just occurred to me that overseas people may be thinking, 'What on Earth is Mr Min. You South Africans have a man that eats sticky glue?' Haha, it must sound mad! Basically Mr Min is a furniture polish...I think! Have forgotten it's actual use as I've only ever used it to get rid off sticky marks. Hope you have your own Mr Min wherever you live!

PPS: I've aged! Yes, I'm 29 today. Thanks to everyone that has wished me this morning x
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