Friday, August 26

Some press bits and pieces

Cant believe I'm scribbling this but I'm in the September issues of Marie Claire and Cosmo - eep! The grungy teenage me would have had such a laugh at the older me in the "Style Council" section! Oh, if only you guys knew what a scruff I really am. I did the one inty yonks ago and both just happened to be published this month. Thanks to everyone who tweeted and texted me about the articles - so sweet, you lot are - and a special thanks to Bronwyn who bought the mags and carted 'em back to London - haha! The other day Bridget said, 'Remember in high school when you started every sentence with, "I read in a magazine that..." My mom and I were magazine junkies. And now I'm in some - crikey. Thanks to every one of you who pop in everyday - I truly appreciate it. x


Edit: I also did a little inty here a while back. Thanks Sara for the chinwag!
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