Tuesday, August 23

Bridget's Wedding - Fuji Madness!

Bridget and Barry hired a Fuji Instax and bought boxes of film so we could snap instant pics to pop into their wedding guest book - such a great idea, hey!? There was also a dress up box and we went absolutely mad with the props and camera! They also made life-size Jenga and handed out Bubble Guns which were an all-night hit. Oh, there was also Zulu dancing so while the couple were off having their pics taken, we had plenty of funtivities to occupy ourselves with! A Fuji Instax is now at the top of my wishlist. I see a pack of film for the 210 model (below) is about R110 for ten sheets. Pretty pricey but Polaroid film is R279 for ten sheets. That's just madness! And why I have yet to use my 'roid. Have any of you got an Instax? The photos come out so great - I'm guessing the occasional splurge on film is worth it?  Do tell Fuji fans. I'd love to plaster a wall with pics!  x

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