Monday, August 15

Bridget's "French" Bridal Shower!

Huzzah! On Saturday, us bridesmaids and the mama-of-the-bride threw Bridget a French-themed Bridal Shower! It was such a wonderful day. These are just a handful of the snaps - eep! What these pics don't show is just how much food we had. Bridget's mum and sister had catered a full-on French tea with cupcakes, cheeses, tarts, mini sandwiches - it was epic! We decorated her mum's home with French flags, streamers, balloons and I crudely photoshopped Bridget's face onto a Mona Lisa poster - haha! All the guests arrived in French colours, stripes and berets and our waiters served 'em champers and punch. Bridget knew there was a party going down but the theme was a total surprise - score! After an afternoon of games and a video interview with her fiance, we had a Lingerie Party and then a prezzie-opening sesh. Following that, we all dressed up as French Maids and headed for dins at Bangkok Wok. Bridget bravely completed all her dares and then we headed onto a dance club. I have to confess, I bailed after half an hour at the club but the rest of the gang partied till 4am! All in all, the party was a huge success and it was so nice having the girls back together again. Even more pics coming in black and white tomorrow. x

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