Thursday, July 21



So it seems the latest blogging trend is posting music mixes. Well, I don't mind if I do climb aboard the band wagon! Ha. Band. Wagon. Sorry. Brandon half-joked (!?) that more blokes would read my blog if I wrote about guitars and music. I'm not really phased if guys read my blog or not, but it does bum me out that music is something I've become less pre-occupied with. I feel a long-winded post about the South African music scene bubbling out of me so let me bottle that one for another day! I started 'making a mix' (aka linking to Youtube vids!) but man, it was eclectic - blues, metal, rock, was a bit of a crazy sandwich so I reckon I better theme 'em. This one has got a bit of a '90 rock vibe going on - my fave era!  Oh yeah, the title is from a weird encounter I had the other day. (I do love the Pumpkins though.) How great is that pic!? Found it on Google but with no proper source I'm afraid.

{I try hard not be one of those people that always goes on about how great music was in the '90s but dang, it rocked hard. I do enjoy the Best Coast's and She and Him's of this era but this old stuff will always be my fave. Mind you, the new Alice in Chains, Velvet Revolver, Them Crooked Vultures...there have been some rad hard rock outfits of late. But that's another 'mix' I suppose!}
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