Thursday, April 14

Warning - The book induces frenetic tea-fuelled home revamps

If - like me - you have an insatiable thirst for bric-a-brac-and-knick-and-knacks, you should probably not by this book because it will escalate your obsession to a whole new level. You will no doubt end up googling pink chairs and Union Jack bunting at one in the morning. Why not crank up the crazy and google 'cat to cuddle with in all manner of cuteness.' I know I did. And it lead to some weird things. But what I am trying to say is, Spaces is amazing. I know it has done the rounds on blogville but that is because it is everything us bloggers adore, bound into one awesome book. Saffers, you can order a copy from Nadia. Overseas humans - you can probably find one in your local bookstore.

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