Wednesday, February 9

Paint + Hair = Ponytail

I dabbled in a spot of DIY this weekend and succeeded in getting more paint on myself than on the bookshelf. Ok, that's a ridiculous exaggeration but I got enough paint in my hair to warrant a 'Did you um, go grey over the weekend?' No, my friends, I went 'Candyfloss.' So now I have to go to the hairdresser and sort out my noggin. I may try and phase it back to Golden Blonde which I had for many years. (Really, I'm just trying to find a colour that I can go the longest without retouching!)


Pink bits hidden in aforementioned pony. Oh, and thanks for your feedback on the films! To those nervous of seeing Black Swan, don't worry your sweet selves, it is a thriller, rather than a horror. (I nearly didn't watch it 'cuz Heat mag described it as a horror but thankfully it is not! I suppose I should be consulting the likes of Empire rather than Heat when it comes to films but I felt like a celeb catch up. And would you believe it, Kate Hudson is preggers with Matt Belamy's baby! Ok Tangent. Moving on.) Anyway, I am super sensitive when it comes to scary stuff but I handled Black Swan -  albeit with a fist clenched with corn! (The popped stuff, not the 'sweet' stuff - obvz.)

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