Sunday, January 2

I'm surprised that you've never been told before, that you're lovely and you're perfect and that somebody wants you

Happy New Year! I hope you had a good NY Eve however you spent it. The highlight of mine was seeing my dad trash the lounge with pink silly string! Tame but true! I was gonna post some goals for 2011 but they're all the usual boring ones - lose weight, go to bed earlier, drink more water, blah blah blah. The more personal ones will go in my diary I suppose. I've been thinking a bit about what I wanna do blogwise and strangely, I'd like to spend less time online (Ha! We'll see) but also, I'd like to use this space to bung up more random things I like in lieu of having a Tumblr blog. Gloss has always been more of a scrapbook rather than a 'style' or 'craft' blog but I might just crank up the 'scrapbook' aspect for my own indulgence! I know this means that things will be (even more!) hit and miss but hey ho, at least ya'll always been in for a surprise.  I was thinking of doing daily features so ya know what to expect but I always kick against routine! I'll still do the odd outfit post (although, I still feel super akward doing 'em) and the 'out and about' posts but I'm probably gonna also indulge in more 'current inspirations' type posts. Feel like I just repeated myself there - apologies! I've also thought of a new name for the blog because I HATE Glossary! I may switch it all over to a new address but I know that will wreak havoc on blog feeds etc - we shall see. Anyway, I hope you guys have a super 2011 and if you're back at work on Monday like me, best of luck!

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