Wednesday, January 5

Awkward moment of the week

Photo Shop Dude: Well, you see, you rolled the film on the wrong way and then I don't know what you did with it! Me: Erm, yes, well, erm, ok, so how much will that be then? This awesome little convo went down while a bunch of photography types stood around, looking at the plonker chick in polka dots - that would be me. The other day, I found two rolls of film that I'd shot with my friend's Holga over a year ago. I remember making a mess of loading and unloading both films so I'm not surprised the one roll turned out a total write off and only a few pics came out on the other one. I'm really rubbish at loading film no matter how many Youtube tutorials I watch! I managed to salvage the few below with a little bit of Photoshop - I couldn't help myself, they were so bad! Sorry the subject matter is a bit of a snooze fest but that said, they do seem to capture a slice of Durban life!

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