Monday, December 13

Two of a bloggers' favourite words: Thrifting & Tea Party

Pippa and Meg of the Thrift Collection held a tea party at Antiques Cafe on Saturday. All of us Durban bloggers were there 'as per ushz' - Miss Molly's hilarious abreev! (Abreev is mine. It's not as funny.) You cannot keep bloggers away from orange cake and vintage blouses going for 25 ronds. I would go to rave clubs (do people still say rave?) and even scarier, sporting events, if I knew there would be a table of cake and thrifted goodies to keep me occupied. Well, we had a swell time and I hope Pip and Meg will host another one. (Also hope Pippa doesn't mind me calling her 'Pip.') Too many brackets in this post? I'm trying to stop using so many exclamation marks but I've clearly just swapped 'em for brackets. Not sure which is more annoying!? (Don't answer that.)


Update: Just realised that 'Thrifting' and 'Tea Party' is actually three words. Let's just write that one off to 'general idiocy,' shall we? Ok, cool.
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