Monday, November 22

A Lauren never changes her spots

Except to wear stripes. Or denim. Or other clothing in general. Sorry, I thought that title was a winner until I realised it was both, misleading and ridiculous. This is the other dress I bought from JayJays. I'd tried it on a few times before but something stopped me from buying it. Then I saw Anthea wearing it and decided 'It must be mine as well.' As you can see, I accessorised it with a rather questionable combo of red lippy and leopard print. One walks a fine line between Rockabilly and Trashilicious when pairing these two together. I'm not sure which side I'm leaning to here but let's hope the Bambi necklace keeps me safely on the side of Rockadisney rather than Trashtastic!


Man, I am short. That pic of me kicking my leg up is hilar! Now for a sob story. My sunnies snapped in my hands after the last pic. I loved them because they were from the cutest vintage store in Cape Town and they went with everything. Fingers crossed I can fix em with the powers of Superglue!

Dress: JayJays Shoes: Foschini Jacket: Edgars Hair Scarf and Necklace: Diva 
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