Tuesday, November 16

GHD Midnight Collection launch at Gateway

I know, this post looks daunting, right? I wish I could say there's a free GHD at the end for you but there's not. Only a nonsensical account of my Monday night out.

I'm typing this between dipping into a bag of raw almonds - horrible things!  I know they're healthy but they are distinctly lacking in two things - a good roasting and a good salting. Nuts aside (!), I attended a GHD demo at Gateway tonight with my bud, Taneal. We teetered into the Max store and the hostess behind the Macbook asked what salon we were from! Ha! I was like, 'Erm, no, I'm a blogger, I think I'm here under Glossary.' Well, literally everyone there was a hairdresser/stylist. All I could think was, thank God I'd been to the hairdresser on Saturday. Taneal was wailing, 'My roots, my roots!' Clearly I had missed the memo because everyone was dressed in black and I looked like an elf from the Christmas display outside. Seriously, it looked like Mugato's funeral in there. We took our seats on the red couch (so I could blend into the furniture) and scanned the room for goodie bags. We're classy like that. Failing spotting any, we noshed a few snacks and drank in the sweet smell of hairspray and freshly blow-waved coifs. GHD were there to demo the new Midnight Collection range to Durban's hair stylists. When Terry Scott took to the stage, people went crazy! He's like Mick Jagger to hairdressers! During his demo, he spoke of how he'd just been to London and that 'dressing hair' was back in fashion. I was rather for this as I think us Saffers tend to play it pretty safe with our cuts and colours. Nothing wrong with that but a few more mad 'do's on the street wouldn't hurt I suppose. After the models had their locks styled on stage, they sashayed down the runway in Max clothing but bless, the poor finale model. She was meant to rip off her train and whip a comb out her hair in all manner of drama but she couldn't get the train off and had to ruck the comb out of her hair! (Which she flung off the stage!) Oh man, I really felt for her. It reminded of Carrie's tumble in SATC. Meanwhile, Taneal and I, (showing our true class yet again) did not have any cash to hand. We were parched as heck but all we could afford to scrape together was some change for one Coke! We deliberated buying this measly drink for fifteen minutes and eventually Taneal decided to brave the bar. Suddenly, she returns with a bottled Cane and Sparberry for me! Turns out, all the drinks were free! Wow, did I just type Cane and Sparberry? That sounds like a drink for juvenile delinquents. I should probably say something about hair straighteners now. Well, I'm not a label queen but if there is one brand I would recommend for hair straightening, it's GHD. They're the gentlest on your hair and they work fast. Moms everywhere trust GHD. Sorry, for a moment, I thought I was writing a Panado ad. In all seriousness, GHD straighteners are the best in my humble two cents. I have mad, maaaaad, kinky, thick hair and without my GHD, I would look like 'the wild woman of Borneo' as my gran would say. Now I best hit the hay and pray that the word 'kinky' (now used twice) does not attract too many weird google searches. Happy hair 'dressing' all!


Can you guess which gal is Taneal? Haha!
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