Tuesday, October 26

It's a stripe thing

Inside my birthday card this year, my mom had stuck a pic of me wearing a pink stripey tee when I was three. It seems I'm still milking this look for all it's worth! One day, I'm gonna pull out the wild card on this blog and wear polka dots. I know,  I'm crazy like that! I've hardly taken off this denim skirt since I bought it a few weeks ago. I can't tell you how many people have said to me 'I also have that skirt, it's sooooo comfy!' It totally is. Elasticated waist bands - the pasta lover's best friend!


Please excuse the hot mess that is my hair colour right now! I haven't dyed it in months as it needs a serious breather from the wrath of chemicals. It's a bit like ombre in reverse! In completely non-related news, my friend Cath and I are going to attain a life dream on Thursday night by watching Crowded House at the ICC!! Are any of you Durbanites going? It's going to be epic!
PS: I do iron my clothes. Sorry that skirt looks so crinkled. It's probably because it was. Sorry mom.

Top: Jay Jays. Skirt: Woolworths: Shoes: Aldo Bag: Charity Shop Necklace & Sunnies: Mr Price
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