Sunday, September 19

Seven for All Mankind jeans for sale!

Hi guys! Hope you're all having a good weekend? I'm on a mission to try and sell these jeans! I don't normally flog stuff here but I wanted to help my mom out with the sale of these jeans. She won 7 For All Mankind Jeans worth R5000 the other day. Super prize indeed but when they arrived, they weren't the style she thought they would be. I don't know about you but I'd probably also sell a prize if it wasn't the right garment for me.

She's selling the jeans below for only R3500 (or £313). I know it's still alot for jeans but they sell for R5000 in the shops. This pair has never been worn and they still have all the tags attached and the pretty packet they came in. I thought by chance, maybe one of you is a big Sevens fan and might see this is a mega scoop?! Each pair of Sevens is made by hand and apparently the brand was voted best jeans in the world!

These jeans are American Size 29, A Pocket Flare jeans. From what I've gathered online and from looking at the jeans, these are Size 10 in South Africa and the UK. Possibly size 11? Perhaps one of you can let me know about size conversions?

These jeans are for sale at R3500 or £313 plus postage. If you would like to buy 'em, my mom will be super grateful! Just pop me an email and we can arrange the sale - merci!


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