Tuesday, August 10

Park Palava and a bit of a waffle!

'Ello everyone! How have you been? Did you South African lasses have a good Women's Day yesterday? I kicked off the day with a Nutella and Strawberry croissant - my new favourite thing to chomp! Quite callorific but hey ho. I can only post the Nars pics in September when the bookazine is released but in the meantime, feast your eyes upon these random pics! Yup, I went to the park on Sunday and all I got were three lousy pics. I planned to visit the Botanic Gardens to take some pics of a sweet white dress I bought the other day but it quickly escalated into a comedy, nay drama of errors! I burnt the dress with the iron (awful!), forgot my camera card at home, went back to get it, developed a stonking headache, got chomped by ants and 97% of my pics came out over-exposed. I'm posting these three just so I have something to show for all that drama! I don't have a good history with this park. In Std 5, I forgot to ask my parents to sign my field trip form and had to spend the day rattling around the quad alone - I've been on a quest to become more organized ever since!


In even more random news, Dischem is my new favourite store! I went there yesterday to get some shoe insole things and discovered a whole new world of goodies. For those abroad, Dischem is kinda like Superdrug meets the Everything's a Pound store! I can't believe I have never wandered around a Dischem before. There is every handwash, perfume, foot spa, hairbrush etc under the sun in there! So much variety, so cheap and lots of raaaaandom things that I never knew I had to have like a 'Memory Leg Cushion.' Heh, don't ask. Also, Jay Jays - I love that store! They have sooo many cute cardis, Breyton Stripe tees and dresses there at the mo. Also very affordable, just up my alley! I'll post some pics of a few goodies I bagged on the Winter Clearance Sale soon. Also, have you guys seen Inception? The first half went way over my head but the ending - gaaahhh! Sorry for waffling on but I'm sure fellow Dischem and Jay Jays fans will understand my excitement :p
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