Sunday, June 6

Q&A With Me: Part 2

Hello guys! I was gonna post this in the morning but I want to test the new Disqus commenting system I've just installed. More about that at the end of this post. How has your weekend been? I did a spot of digital spring cleaning and decided to close my Formspring account. As fun as it was answering questions there, I did find the anonymous format of Formsping a bit strange. Below is the last batch of questions I answered there if you're interested (or just avoiding your Monday morning inbox if you're reading this in the morrow!) Please excuse my shameful abuse of the exclamation mark. I get overly excited when someone asks me about hair products etc. I'm still amazed that ya'll read my little blog, let alone want to know about my hair routine. So very flattering. Rightio, let's go!


Do you use photo editing software? If so, what do you use it for?
Yeah, sometimes! If I do, I use photoscape or photoshop. If I've taken a series of shots for a post, I wave the same 'effect' wand over 'em all so they have a feeling of consistency. But sometimes, natural is best!

If you could choose three things in the world to have for a day, what would they be?
What a fantastic question! I would choose a plane ticket to NYC, some seriously fancy luggage and a beautiful dress!

Do you have a garment that completely personifies you?
Wow. These questions are great! Let's see...I guess I could say a Tshirt with my old band's name on it, haha. No, um, I used to have a simple floral dress from Topshop that I lived in but it's worn to tatters now. At the moment, I don't have one specific thing that personifies me and that makes me a bit sad. Boo! In London I found a gazillion things that felt 'very me' but I had hardly any dosh to spend on clothes there. I'll have to find that one perfect piece soon! My fave look is a floral dress, denim jacket and black boots:) With wayfarers!

What is your favorite fabric/textile?
Oh my, interesting question, this! Something that doesn't crinkle so I don't have to iron it, haha! I love tulle petticoats. And I have a lovely dress from YDE that's made out of some lovely soft material...I need to find out what it is and it doesn't crinkle! It's a silver vintagey colour that shimmers subtely in the light. Luv it!

What products/styling tools do you use on your hair?
Oooh, a hair question, fun! My hair is actually a complete nightmare to maintain but we manage somehow:) I shampoo and condition it with Tresemme cuz it's cheapish and seems to do the trick! I usually use a Redken treatment (it's in a transparent red bottle) but I just ran out. Then I spritz it with a GHD heat protect mist and blowdry. Afterwards I unfortunately have to nuke it with my GHD. (The GHD totally changed my life!) In fact, I think I should write a post about it. This all takes way too much time but hey, ho, it's that or walk around looking like a crazy woman :)

Were you popular in high school?
I wasn't the typical 'popular' or 'cool' girl. I was a bit of a joker, really. I had a lot of lovely friends and I'm proud to say I'm still friends with them today. We weren't cliquey at all. We always welcomed new kids to hang with us. We just liked to have a laugh:)

Are you going to any world cup games?
Um, to be honest, I haven't book any tickets! I promise to be patriotic in other ways! I just don't know a thing about soccer but I would like to go for the atmoshphere.

Well, that was fun! As I said, I've installed the Disqus commenting system and I hope you find it user-friendly. Whether you have a blog or not, you'll be able to comment - all you need to do is submit your name and email addy although your email addy will never be published. If it proves to be buggy, I can always set it back to the old blogger style. Let me know how you get on with it. Thanks gang!

UPDATE: I'm having a spot of trouble synching Disqus. Please bare with me while I get some help with it. You can comment via the usual way for now if you wish :)


Lolo said...

Hopefully you'll get it figured out! I really like Disqus :)

Lauren said...

Hi Lolo, me too! Fingers crossed we can get it to work. x