Friday, May 14

What to wear on the plane!

I LOVE traveling. I love everything about it from the packing and duty free to those dubious in-flight dinner kits. Just thinking about it makes me crazy with excitement! I could write an entire post just about airports but for today lets chat about what to wear to one.

Right, so, before I get it into it, I should probably explain that I really haven't done that much traveling and that's mainly 'cuz I can't afford to from old SA, a million miles from the cities I want to visit. Nonetheless, I have done some and as I said, I LOVED it! Shameless confession: I want to be a travel writer. Or have a job that allows me to travel. I guess that's like saying 'I want to be a rock star' but I just thought I'd chuck that little nugget into the universe incase the gods of traveling are listening;) Ok, I'm going to get on with it now.

So, my jetset style philosophy (who knew I had one until today) is: be cute but comfy! The best thing I ever wore on a plane was a knee length smock dress with tights and a denim jacket. For some, jeans are like a second skin but I find jeans quite uncomfy over a long stretch. That's possibly because I'm in size denial and keep buying jeans a size (or three) too small. You also need to consider the various climates you'll encounter. It may be boiling when you're headed to the airport, blustering on the runway, chilly on the plane and freezing when you land. I reckon it's a good idea to wear lightweight layers that you can peel off easily. I say this but in all reality, I usually end up laden down with a bulky coat, hat in one hand and a scarf half strangling me. Below is an outfit I'd quite fancy wearing on the plane. I paired a Tee with tights but erm, you may wanna go for leggings instead. I would!

Random question: Do you ever feel a little cheesy walking through arrivals? For some reason I always start laughing nervously like an idiot. Maybe that's cuz I like to imagine I'm Mary-Kate Olsen breezing through LAX. Yes, I'm that lame!

Oh, remember, your feet swell on the plane. Trying to zip up a pair of boots after nine hours on your bum ain't fun!

Wear: Crinkle-free fabrics, lightweight layers, comfortable shoes, a roomy bag, something that makes you feel like a million bucks!
Avoid: Scratchy materials, heavy accessories, uber tight clothing, anything with alot of buttons or awkward zippers. Hey, you wanna get in and out of those miniature bathrooms!

Of course, Victoria Beckham proves you can travel in sky-high (excuse the pun) Laboutins, skin tight leather pants complete with military cap and jacket. So what do I know, eh!?


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Being Brazen said...

Love your picks for in-flight fashion.

Miss Molly said...

exactly the sort of outfit i wear when travelling! cute post hun! have a great weekend xoxo

Genevieve Motley Jewellery said...

perfect! :-)

Lauren said...

Wahey! Glad you like girls. x

iamronel said...

these are awesome stuff..:)

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FashionJazz said...

I LUV ur picks!! I wanna wear that outfit like right now hun!! Have a lovely wknd xxx

The Pieces said...

I too want to be a travel writer or ANYTHING that allows me to travel for my work/life for free. I do not understand how people that are paid to travel can complain, at all! I too love everything and anything to do with flying and airports. LOVE IT! p.s cute outfit :)

Lauren said...

Pieces, let's keep our fingers crossed and hope our shared dream comes true! x

Harriet said...

Plane fashion is such a tricky one - my staple is a jersey dress - comfy and doesn't get too wrinkly!

I travel a bit for my job (just around the UK, not abroad), but I never get to see the place I'm going to very much unfortunately because work always takes over. Being a travel writer would be just about the best job ever I think.

Dixi [Vintage & Modern Ladies Clothing] said...

loved this post! :D


Lauren said...

Good call on the jersey dress Harriet!

Lauren said...

Thanks Dixi.

B said...

I have yet to master travelling in style. This post was fun to read, thanks!


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Cupcake Couture said...

You are too cool! Love this! x

Licia said...

Thanks for the req!
I Like you work!
Your blog is so beautifull and the heart cardigan here is so cute!
Keep in touch!

Licia_The Maison Happiness

bridget said...

who knew you would become such a fashionista!! Come along way since our jeans and band shirt days! lol!
I love it lasie, so many cool pics and tips!! You should be writing for a fashion mag!!