Sunday, May 30

Two great quotes by Tavi Gevinson

The 'Bloggers vs. Editors' debate didn't really enter the South African blogosphere earlier this year so if the storm passed you by, Tavi Gevinson is the 13-year-old blogger who found herself at the center of it all.


She's the kooky young star behind Style Rookie, one of the most popular fashion blogs on the web. This year saw Tavi sitting front-row at the couture shows but when a Grazia editor tweeted that Tavi's gigantic bow was obstructing her view of the runway, the web erupted into a frenzy between bloggers and print editors. Tavi tackled the whole debacle in this post and I thought she made some excellent points including these two below.

On the debate 


On never been able to please everyone


I think her comment about collaborating rather than competing is such great advice. If you love what someone is doing, chat to them, pool ideas and see if you can work on a project together. Heck, form an alliance if you like! I've certainly learnt from blogging that people are usually happy to help - all you need to do is (politely) ask. I know the 'Bloggers vs. Editors' debate has simmered down but if you have any thoughts on the matter, please feel free to share them in a comment below. Also, let us know if you're a fan of Tavi too!


Fayoona said...

i'm torn about how i feel about her. im also jealous. eep!

on an unrelated note, you look so pretty in the floral dress a few posts down.
xx fi

Lauren said...

Oh, thank you very much sweet!

hannah said...

she's da bomb!

Miss Molly said...

adore Tavi! she is absolutely hilarious! xoxo
Hope you had a great weekend hun!