Tuesday, May 18

Tights & Lace

It poured with rain this Saturday so I wore tights and my new tunic from Mr Price. It was nice to have some chilly weather because Durbs hasn't had much of an autumn at all. You must be tired of seeing my pocketwatch in every picture post but I just love it so much, it goes with everything! x



Miss Molly said...

very pretty hun!

PinkBow said...

this is so so pretty lauren!

3ate4 said...

Lovely :)

dinkum design said...

I know what you mean about the Durbs weather, even up here in the hills, I'm not getting much chance to wear my new boots, or cosy mothers day slippers. I suppose we shouldn't complain. Keep on enjoying that pocketwatch girl, it's a little beauty.

katerina said...