Tuesday, May 11

Surprise Style Crush: Tank Girl!

Hello! How are you this evening? I've been having a bit of a spring clean and inbetween sorting boxes, I found my Tank Girl comic book. I've mentioned before that when I was a wee lass I used to read Kerrang magazine. Well, that's where I first saw the Tank Girl comic strips. I became besotted with Rebecca aka Tank Girl. She spoke straight to my angsty little heart. I started customizing my shirts and jackets to look like hers. Bless. I even painted a mural of her at college. Obsessed! I've always thought Gwen Stefani in her early No Doubt years was a bit of a ringer for Rebecca. Lori Petty looked the part in the movie but man was that a shocker!? A few years ago I bought the first book in the series from Forbidden Planet in London. By then it had been ages since I'd read the comics and wow, they were a lot rougher than I remembered! I can't believe I was such a little firecracker in my youth! Anyways, let me know if you're also a fan of Le Tank! This week I'll be posting a few more of my inspirations and next week we're going to have a fashion fest on Glossary! x


Eva Claire said...

eee I remember sitting up one night with my best friend having a movie marathon night drinking johnnie walker and the only movies i remember are Tank Girl, imaginary heroes and Chicago :-) best night! Love love love Tank Girl <3

Lauren said...

Haha! That's so cool;)