Saturday, April 3

Market Day

Today I went to the market with Lynne and Kathleen. It looked so pretty and felt like the middle of summer!

Lisa and Jo's table was wonderful as always. Jo had brought back lovely bits and pieces from Tokyo!

Next to them, was Denise and her daughter of Freshly Found. What a beautiful table, filled with unique handmade goodies. There were pillows made from men's shirts and bags fashioned from silk sari's! Photobucket

Inside, Kathleen bought an Easter cupcake.

Then we looked at pink rugs and little jam jars.

Outside, we sat under pink umbrellas to eat breakfast.

Nadia and Daniel were there with a super surprise for me! I will show it to you a little further down.

Kathleen had a gorgeous quilted bag. I could hardly believe it was from Primark!

After the market, we went to Naughty 90's. I had Iced Coffee which was delicious. Then we had to say goodbye to Kathleen who flies back to London today. Safe travels my friend, I will miss you so much.

Back home, I opened my milk carton which I bought from Lisa and Jo. It was filled with cute stationery from Tokyo. Sandra is in Tokyo at the moment and I've been looking at her pictures, wishing I could be there. Now, I have a piece of the city!

And this is my surprise from Nadia! Brand new shoes from Mr P! They have the perfect heel - high but not too high and sufficiently solid to keep you steady. I will take some more pics of 'em soon. Thank you my friend, I love 'em to bits!

I would just like to say well done and thank you to Anna and the Joy Team for hosting the market. It's thanks to them that Durban has so many fun and interesting events. They're bringing something super special to Durbs soon which I'm so excited about! I'll let Anna fill you in but here's a little taster...Anna has been inspired by Sweden's nightlife! SWEDEN!!! My current country crush! Ahhh. Well, I hope you're having a wonderful Saturday and if you celebrate Easter, may you have a wonderful time with friends and family tomorrow. x


fathima said...

Aww so bummed I missed it this month. That Tokyo house package looks rad, I want one!

coelho said...

thx SO much for all your support, your pics from market so beaut - love the way you capture things - so glad you bought a tokyo surprise box -x

Linn said...

Ohh. I think I get a bit jealous about your good weather. In Denmark, were I live, we have a bit of sunshine, and you start to forget your hat and gloves back home because of the sun, and you end up coming home freezing and with a cold every evening. Lovely photos, as well, btw.

Lauren said...

It's my pleasure Coelho and thank you. Ah Lin, wouldn't it be nice if we could swop for a bit. I long to dress in scarves and coats!

sophiemakesthings said...

This market looks amazing! I wish that I had one like this near me. Those shoes are beautiful too :) x

Bad Taste Toast said...


I was just browsing different blogs and found yours and I'm so amazed by the photos of this market! Markets in South Africa look so much more beautiful than here! I wish we had such pretty ones here in germany :)
I love the Freshly Found stuff! Will head over to theit blog now :)

Lauren said...

Hi Sophie, thanks so much:) Badtastetoast - thanks for visiting! Our Durban market is very pretty but there are also some amazing ones in Cape Town. I'll send you some links when I get a mo:)

Elea Carey said...

Love the simple folded paper stuff. Isn't it amazing how something so basic can mean so much....

Lolo said...

I'm also jealous of your good weather! Over here in the UK we've had some more snow. It's crazy. Roll on summer I say.

And the market you went to looks amazing! I'm loving the tokyo suprise box. Is that something that can be bought online??

Freshly Found said...

What a lovely summary of the day! Well captured! Thanks for including a pic of our table too!

PinkBow said...

this looks like one of the prettiest markets! i love your little piece of tokyo :) i'm really enjoying sandra's travels too!

Cupcake Couture said...

Lovely pics. So nice to see you yesterday...sorry it had to be so rushed. Only a massive pleasure for the shoes! Yey - and happy you love them. Hope to get some blogging of my weekend done soon. x

Lauren said...

Hi Lolo, I will ask Jo if you can buy them online:)Thanks Freshly, Paula and Cupcake! Paula, one day you will have to visit us in SA!

Chelsea Nicole. said...

all of this stuff sounds like almost the perfect day to me! the stationary you got was adorable, and i have tokyo envy also! we need to do something about that! xxoo

jenny kellerman pillay said...

Hi Lauren, I just found your blog today and am really enjoying it. I'm Swedish, but currently living in Durban. I've got two questions for you: 1. how come you have a country crush on Sweden? ;-) 2. what markets in Durbs can you recommend, pls include days/dates/directions. Thanks and keep up the nice blogging!

Lauren said...

Hi Jenny. So nice to meet a Durban based Swede! I will reply to you properly in a proper post soon. Thanks for your lovely comment. x

the joy team said...

hi lauren, what a great summary of the market! we heart your blog!