Wednesday, April 28

4 Years in Facebook Profile Pics

I've posted a shameful amount of profile pictures on Facebook over the years. (Below are just a handful.) It's not because I think of myself as a bit of alright. On the contrary. People are just forever tagging me in hideous photos and I feel I have to balance out the shockers with some vaguely decent self-shots where I don't look like I have three chins, a sticky-out ear and a lazy eye. When people take pictures of me, they usually go ‘oooh, let me take that again, you’re doing a weird eye thing’ when I am in fact attempting my best smile and head tilt combo (or my best impression of a poodle in a Yoda getup.) I CANNOT do head on's. Having gone through these chestnuts, two things have become clear to me. 1. I need to lose ten pounds tomorrow and 2. I must locate those novelty glasses. Ten ronds they were from Checkers. Oh, while I'm here, please can I ask you to vote in the poll on the right. You can choose multiple answers.Ta!



angie said...

hahah that is such a cool post!
i want to check my pictures out too.

Lauren said...

Hee! Yeah its quite intesting to see the hair dos of days gone by. x

PinkBow said...

i really love your new hair colour lauren. it is so different. you're so lucky to suit both colours!

Lauren said...

Ah thanks Paula. You're such a gem. x