Saturday, April 17

27 and still sleeping like a teenager.

Hello, good morning, did you have a good Friday night? Mine was deliciously boring although I did learn from Pink Pen that Jennifer Aniston is launching her own fragrance. Struck me as a bit odd, that. Just can't see Jen alongside J-Lo in Clicks.

Back to this morning. People are always saying 'There are two types of people in this world...' and here is my version! I truley believe that the two types are those that love nothing more than to sleep away a Saturday morning and those who prefer to spring out of bed, bright and early to go and buy curtains or far more perplexing, go the gym.

I remember the day I came to that conclusion very clearly. I was eleven and it was the Sunday morning after the school 'camp out.' All us kids had pitched tents in the school field and spent the weekend gorging ourselves on hotdogs and riding a mechanical bull in the school hall. It sounds quite wild but fear not, there were just as many parents as there were kids to keep us from overdosing on cola and candy. On Sunday morning, my friend Megan and I were woken by an army of ants, tucking into a breakfast of crusty Nik Naks that were scattered around our feet. As we stumbled out into the daylight, kids everywhere were attempting to dismantle their tents while parents instructed 'Leave the pegs to me, they're dangerous!' Standing in my pyjamas, all I could think was 'I cannot wait to climb into my proper bed and hopefully, have another hotdog for dinner.' Just as that thought entered my mind, a rather peppy girl in my class declared 'All I want to do is pack up, take a shower and go for a nice refreshing run!'

I knew then, that I would never be that kind of girl.

Who I inherited these lazy genes from, I have no idea. My mom has been known to fire up the vacuum at 8am while my dad and brother are long gone by 5am, paddling around the harbour with a couple of fishing rods and smelly bait boxes. These days, I'm sound asleep at that hour but it wasn't long ago when I'd be stumbling up the driveaway ala Avril Lavigne post-bender while my dad and brother hauled tackle into the car, tuttering 'that Lauren.'

Perhaps I have a lazy uncle I've never met. A lazy aunt would be even better I think. We could meet for coffee at the reasonable hour of 3pm and regale each with stories of last night's sitcoms and choice of oversized animal slippers. No, I don't think I'll ever grow out of this sleeping-in malarkey unless I'm forced to of course, by a future child of sorts. Knowing my luck, he or she will be the running type!

If you, lovely reader, are the 'get up and go' type, you must know that I have the utmost respect and admiration for you. You are probably also very good at washing your make-up off after a big night out and roasting vegetables. I long to attain at least 10% of those abilities so maybe you can help me along. Speaking of make-up, soon I'm going to tell you about this super product below! Chat soon. x


Miss Molly said...

i am exactly the same babe! there is nothing better than sleeping in xoxo have a good weekend

PinkBow said...

oh i like to live at a slow pace too :)

Cupcake Couture said...

I can't agree more - I am a sleeper through and through. I am so good the rest of the day, but I could sleep till noon and still need a nap later in the day. I love it and think about it when I have to wake up. Staying up late - no problem...but then again you can't go for a run at midnight. Miss you and hope you are ok. x

V said...

I'm the same. But it's annoying because I never get anything done in the days!

Caitlin said...

I too have slept-in as long as I can remember! Because I love to stay up late so I need to stay in bed as long as possible the next day :) I get so annoyed by those people who are like "Oh I slept in so late today- 10am!" Please, that's nothing!

Eva Claire said...

Oh hehe you are brilliant!
I understand completely! But i feel like i would love to be a morning person my body just wont let me :-)
I think i just find the idea of watching the sunrise with a cup of tea and someone special, with fog on the hills and listening to the birds wake up.. It might be nice to see one day.. <3

Lauren said...

Ah, so nice to know we're all the sleeping in type:) Eva, you made my day sweet:)