Wednesday, March 31

The Roma and Blogger Awards

Hello you, how are you today? Me - I'm knackered. I can't wait for the long weekend when I'm going to read the new Marian Keyes, watch FlashForward and SLEEP. Last night, a bunch of us girls went to the Roma Revolving Restaurant. If you don't live in Durbs you've probably never heard of the Roma but it's literally a restaurant that revolves at the top of a tall building, giving you fantastic views of the twinkling city lights. The food was great, the service, slick and the dessert trolley - well, deadly. In a good way. The decor hasn't changed since the 70's which I love! Next time you're in Durbs, I suggest you drop by the Roma and have the Bar One Cake. YUM.

In other non-food related news, I recently received two lovely blog awards from two lovely bloggers. Thank you Jasna for the Fashion Blogger Award and thank you Retro Chick for the Sunshine Blog Award. I'm chuffed to bits! The Sunshine Award comes with the instruction to pass it on to ten others so here we go!

International Bloggers
Elsa BillgrenPink Bow

South African bloggers who often leave me sweet and sunny notes
Cupcake CoutureDinkum DesignEmmaJane NationMiss MollyLady TimezDirty UnknownMiss MossCoelho Culture

Later on, I'm going to show you my new dress and winter boots!


Cupcake Couture said...

Wow* aren't your just so kind. Thank you so much. How lovely! x

Miss Molly said...

this is just adorable and im blushing from head to toe! thanks so much for this special award xoxo

dinkum design said...

Ah... that's so kind. I just love sunshine, so I'm pleased as punch! thank you sweetie pie.

coelho said...

whohoooooo you made my day! xxx

Lady Times said...

Yay for me!
Yay for YOU!
Lauren your Gloss totally rulez!
My rhyming skills - not so much...

Linn said...

"The new Marian Keyes".... I have totally missed that she has a new book in store. Please tell me if it´s a good one! :)