Thursday, March 4

Purple tops and a special interview

Hello guys. I got this cute purple top on the Mr Price Sale today. It was thirty zars. Score! Other than that, I am on a strict shopping diet this month. I have two weddings to attend and I still haven't found a dress to wear. GAH! This weekend is my last chance to find something. I really want a pretty but plain vintage number that I can accessorize for different occassions. If I don't get lucky, Nadia and our art director have both offered to lend me something. Thank you ladies! You. Rock. Also, I wanted to tell you that on Monday, Sandra of Niotillfem will be popping in for tea! YES! As you probably know by now, I just ADORE Sandra so having the chance to chat to her means the world to me. And in case you haven't heard, she moved to a new blog address today. You can visit her here and read my interview with her on Glossary on Monday. Have a lovely night. Bye! x



Carmen said...

The top is adorable!


Lauren said...

Thanks Carmen. I believe the weather is warming up on your side of the world. You must be chuffed!

nicolette said...

lovely! definitely makes me more eager for spring.

Lady Times said...

La you have to look at beatnik bazaar’s new clothing range called folklore – it’s is inspired vintage & she will ship anywhere.

Miss Molly said...

i love the purple top! looks soo cute! xoxo

Lauren said...

Thanks gals! Ah, Lady Times, I loooove the folklore frocks, they are gorrrrgeous! Im just so nervous of buying clothes without being able to try 'em on first, especially dresses. But if I'm ever in Kalk Buy, I will snap one up for shizzle:) x

Cupcake Couture said...

Exciting. You look lovely as always. Good fine on the top front.