Sunday, March 21

Prezzies from London!

Hello! I hope you're having a lovely weekend. Yesterday, my oldest friend flew in from London! We've been buds since we were seven! Back then, we used to collect those diaper baby toys. Remember those? You dunk them in water and their nappies (or diapers) turn pink or blue and then you know if you've got a boy or girl on your hands. Fantastic stuff. Anyway, Kathy landed with lovely prezzies from Londres! I LOVE getting gifts from abroad - you feel as if you've gained a little piece of the city. Inside my goodie bag was a stash of British mags (awesome) some bows for my hair (you know me so well, Kath), some clips from DIVA which I've been eyeing out and hadn't even told Kath about (psychic woman!) AND a black bodysuit which I desperately needed and am so happy to have now. Thanks friend, I love it all! x



Carmen said...

Those bows are so cute!


Cupcake Couture said...

Ooooh...WOW*** Lucky you are indeed. You might need to share those mags with your cupcake friend. :-) Enjoy and take some pics when you wear the new goods. x

Lady Times said...