Thursday, March 11

Links à la Mode : March 11th

links a la mode

Spring Fever

Edited by Jennine Jacob Do you get spring fever? Oh man… the itch to run around outside in flowery prints and frilly laces gets greater and greater each passing day. To heck with chunky sweaters! This week we have a load of great spring style posts, Holier Than Now checks out cape coats, if you’re strapped for cash Out of Order gives the perfect 45min spring skirt tutorial, so cute! And girly clothes not your thing? The Demoiselles has a great homage to genderbending unisex looks. I’ve been thinking of doing a couple of days in menswear myself. Well, as soon as I learn how to tie the half Windsor knot. There were so, so many great links this week, it really was hard to narrow it down to 2o. Check out the full listing of Links à la Mode here.
Thanks IFB for including Glossary again! I just wanted to note that the pic of Sandra Beijer and her diana camera featured in my inty and this weeks Links à la Mode was snapped by Joa1968 and you can view it on her flickr here. The rest of the pics were taken by Sandra. x


    Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

    thanks for sharing these links. i don't know about you, but it's a lot of work to put together a link post...unless you have a better method than i do!
    xox alison

    Lauren said...

    Hi Mademoiselle! Links a la Mode is a weekly round up of links created by the Independent Fashion Bloggers. Every week, the members of IFB submit their best post of the week and then 20 are choses by the editors of IFB. Each member whose link is chosen has to publish the round up including their own:)

    dinkum design said...

    nice one hun!

    PinkBow said...

    well done, much deserved.

    coelho said...

    thx so much for sharing all your links & technical tips - quite the blog guru you are - i'm learning loads form you - thx!

    Lauren said...

    Thanks Dinkum and Pink Bow:) Hi Coelho, my plesh! Not much of a guru but having fun tapping away. x