Wednesday, March 3

Glossary Giveaway: The winner is...


Yay for Emma Jane! You, my friend, have won 'Life's a Beach Cottage: Second Helping' by Neil Roake! Your lush new cookbook is in the post! (Well, it will be when I get your address.) Just so you know, this giveaway was done super scientificially. I pulled on my bear suit (read: jammies), tossed all your names in my trusty trilby, mixed them all about and grabbed a piece of paper by random. As if by magic. You can see the evidence for yourself below. Why they don't do the Lotto like this, I don't know? Bear suits are far more comfortable than glittery dresses. Have a look at some of those nice recipes. Emma, in return, you will be sending me Lobster Bisque and other nice things from this book by post. In tupperwares. I think that is fair. Ok then, happy cooking!




If you also want to win something lovely, check back for the next Glossary Giveaway. You don't have to have a blog to enter, just an email addy that I can reach you on. This was so much fun, I want to be like Oprah and give away more nice things. Maybe not cars but something else. What do you guys want to win? What shall I try rustle up?


Chelsea Nicole. said...

i think it's so cute how you made that gif of you picking names out of a hat!


Miss Molly said...

so awesome!! LOVE how you did the pics in this post!

Lauren said...

Thanks girls! Happy you like. So much of fun:)

Emma-Jane said...

This has made my day!!!!!! :) :D :D :D
Thank you Thank you Thank you!! :) :) :) :)
will email you my address!

ooooh.. I cant wait to cook up those delicious dishes!

YAY! :) :) still cant believe its me :) :) i'm so happy!

La.K said...

love how you did the pics la

congrats to emma jane [i feel like i know her as i visit her blog :0)]
enjoy all the cooking!