Monday, March 15

Giving vintage-inspired make-up a go

Hello! This blog has become a bit of a girl fest, hasn't it? Today, I'm going to show you what make up I used when I attempted a vintage-inspired look for the wedding I went to. I must admit to having a dodgy past with make up as I do with clothes. The first time I ever wore make up was 1996. I went to a nightclub to meet a boy wearing only some foundation and a heavy helping of grey eyeshadow. Delightful! It was the smoky eye taken to emo extremes. Anyway, I like to think I've improved my look since I discovered a few extras like blush and mascara. Below the pics is a list of all the products I used. I hope you like!


Ageless Colourfast Smoothing Foundation in Ivory from Woolies (or M&S if you're overseas), Yardley Pressed Powder in Natural Beige, Revlon Pink Blush, Chanel Beiges Velours eyeshadow as a base, Chanel Sparking Satins eyeshadow on top (or a R10 colour palette from random store), black Dipliner from Woolies, Double Extension Mascara from Loreal and a lipliner called Nightmoth by MAC. Both the Chanel palettes were gifts for my 25th birthday and they have lasted two years! Thanks mom! You only need a little and the shadow will last you all day and night. It must be said that I feel completely ridiculous taking these pics of myself but I'm having too much fun playing dress up with ya'll! x


angie said...

the other day on a shoot, the make-up lady put lots of make-up on my face and then i cried hahahaha and she took it off for me and made it nice and simple. i wish i had the courage to wear bold make-up, but i feel like a sad clown.

i like what you've done though. nice friend!


Lauren said...

Hahaha, thanks Angie! London gave me the guts to go bolder but my day make up is way lighter than this;) x

Lady Times said...

purdy! Really suits you.

JoJo said...

need to get me some of the Woolies Dipliner!
you look so lovely!
wheres the bow in your hair from?

Lauren said...

Thanks lovelies. Jo, Jo, the bow is from Diva in the Pavilion:)

Miss Molly said...

you are soo good at applying make up! Those colours really look amaze on you!

Retro Chick said...

I love that look. You look amazing.

Black eyeliner and red lips is my favorite evening look definitely!

Being Brazen said...

great post - your makeup looks cute

Lauren said...

Spanks Retro and Brazen:)