Thursday, March 25

Clinique All About Eyes: A winning concealer!

Today, I found one of my favourite make up products in an old handbag! I can't believe I'd completely forgotten about this concealer. On New Years Eve '09, my friend Jess and I were getting ready for a night out on London Town. We were having one of those sessions where you try on 40 million outfits and have a good dig through each other's make up bags. Inside hers, was a tube of Clinique Concealer called All About Eyes. Jess's skin always looks amazing so I dabbed a bit on. Oh my goodness, it was like photoshopping my face! I was broke as a joke at the time, but the next week I took my temps wages and popped into Selfridges to get myself some. I ended up having a full-on makeover which was fantastic and they gave me a few freebies to boot! (Clinique is awesome when it comes to value-added lippies and make up bags etc) So, yeah, if you haven't tried this concealer, give it a go. It's thick and creamy yet it blends in smoothly. My beloved tube from London is just about finished so I'll definitely get a new one soon.

Have you used this concealer before? If so, let me know how you found it. Or, tell me what some of your faves are! I also want to say a special hello to all of you who have popped over from Carrie's blog. Thanks for sharing your links with me, I look forward to reading all of your blogs! Also, tomorrow, I will be posting the the list of links that were added to this post. I've so enjoyed reading your replies! You can still add yours tonight. x



Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm not a makeupy kind of girl but I'm getting into it. My skin acts up from time to time so I dont like applying weird stuff on my face BUT alas I needed concealer and went to Clinique counter and they told me to try "All about eyes.." You are right it is amazing!!! I have it in my bag too :)Marcee

Lauren said...

Ah, I'm so glad you love it! x