Thursday, February 18

♥♥♥3 Hearts♥♥♥

Just three things that make me happy.
♥ My Cupcake Couture Vanity Case ♥ Nerd Mug ♥ Elvis Matches and Mini KitKats

TrinketsFave Mug (I'm a nerd)Kit Kat

What are three of your favourite things?


Mel said...

skinny jeans♥
shiny ring♥

Windsoul said...


p.s LOVE Elvis matches.And your blog.

dinkum design said...

My laptop
my comfy cozy couch
ice cream with glazed ginger

Lauren said...

Ah yes Dinkum, laptop is king! Mel, I wish skinny jeans would love me like I love them. Congrats again on your engagement! Hi Windsoul,thanks, it's nice to meet you. I love Snow too,I wish we had snow in SA.x

La.K said...

right now
<3 my new flat
<3 my new red coat stand
<3 my robin-blue kist

La.K said...

ahhh, my hearts did not work!! what am i doing wrong?

Lauren said...

Not sure La, not sure if you already did but you could try copying and pasting the one's from the post if you'd like to try use 'em somewhere else:)