Saturday, January 16


Hello there in the middle of this Friday night. Are you up too? Do you live over the seas? Yes, yes? Well, how about some music. I just made a Spotify playlist! It's quite shoegazerish but anyway. You can have a listen here.

Rather annoyingly, Spotify isn't available in the R S of A yet ( I just have access to a UK server. Handy that.)

Well, if you do have a listen, I hope you like.
Night night

For those that don't have Spotify, this was the list.
Lazy Eye - Silversun Pickups
In my Head - Queens of the Stoneage
Coffee and TV - Blur
Fortunately Gone - The Breeders
I got you - Stone Temple Piolts
No Sunlight - Death Cab for Cutie
A'rebours - Babyshambles
Send him away - Franz Ferdinand
Waking Up - Elastica
Sugar Kane - Sonic Youth
Oh my God - Kaiser Chiefs
Across the Sea - Weezer
Santa Monica - Everclear
Never let you go - Third Eye Blind
Shimmer - Throwing Muses
Lovely Day - Pixies
80 - Green Day
You know you're right - Nirvana
Heaven Beside You - Alice in Chains
Paranoid Android - Radiohead
Fall at your Feet - Crowded House
In the Arms of Sleep - Smashing Pumpkins