Monday, January 4

A look through my link list

To the right, you'll spot a list of links to some of the sites I fancy. I thought it might be fun to have a run through them. So, here we go (in alphabetical order of course.) PS: I had good intentions of linking to all the sites in this post but, well, now I'm too knackered. So until I do, please use the handy link list on the right, ta.

A photo a day

Sweet, funny, Nicole. Her pictures make me want to roadtrip from Durban to Parys and and take polaroids of cows.

Cupcake Couture

Clever Nadia. She makes accessories out of tape measures and buttons and all things nice. Lots of pretties to see here.

Dear Old Love
The curator says it best: "Dear Old Love" is short notes to people we've loved (or at least liked). Requited or unrequited.


Emma's blog is full of inspiring lovelies and nice places to visit in Jhb.

Fifi Lapin

The world's most stylish bunny. Naturally.


My favourite street style blog. Amazing photos of people wearing nice clothes around the world.


Rachel catalogues her pretty, grungy style in this bright, clean blog.


Nicole and friends show us all the nice things they collect around town.


Send in your letters about love and the world will reply in the comments section.

La Photo Cabine

Take your photo in a French photobooth. Funsies.


A mecca of street fashion. Boys and girls send in their looks and everyone is invited to hype up their faves.

Lucky Pony

Here live the ceramic animals and sunglasses and wolf sculptures of Angie Pants Batis. A happy, shiny, local blog.


The best blogger I know. Sandra from Sweden writes about love, life and fashion and takes the most wonderful pictures.

Random Thoughts from Underneath the Table

This blog belongs to one of my good friends, Cath. She writes honestly about love, life and being a single mum in SA.

Sibling Mine

Sweet Casey does a brilliant job telling the world about South African designers and bloggers and all things creative.


Lady Times said...

HappY HappY! I hope this year brings everything you and a bit more...
♥ all the blogs above but my favs are definitely Lucky Pony & Sandra. & YOU!

Lauren said...

Ah thank you Jess. Welcome back to blogland:)

angie said...

oh that's so sweet of you, thank you xxx i will eat a piece of cake for you right now hee. here i go....

Emma-Jane said...

ahh thank you! you are the sweetest :) i really wish/hope that one day all the local SA bloggers could get together.. and we could have a tea party or something! heehee.

Lauren said...

Ooh that would be fun. Can you imagine all the camera clicking and cupcakes. Hee!

Lady Times said...


nicoleshmicole said...

om nom nom nom nom.

that's me eating the imaginary cake.
thank youuu.