Tuesday, January 26

In the Bag

Or perhaps a better title would be 'Attention Thieves!'
Oh aye, no one nick my nice clutch bag please. I love it lots. Ta.

So guys, I don't know about you but I just love 'What's in my bag' posts. I'm really fascinated by the everyday stuff people carry around with them. Do you empty and tidy your bag everyday like Amelie's mum or do you have 40 million receipts and old restaurant mints like me? Below is my Saturday night bag. It's a clutch from Mr P and I have to keep it neat 'cuz it's rather small. So let's take a peek inside...

I'm borrowing a mate's phone cuz mine is on the fritz.
Then we have some Mr P lipgloss, a prez from Nikki.
A pink moleskin and bic from mumsie.
Pink iPod shuffle. Starting to realise I might have a pink thing.
And Hoity Toity deo 'cuz the packaging is super.

Now, all you have to do is tell me what's in your bag! x


Lady Times said...

ooo I really ♥ that bag and your pretty shirt. I also have a clutch for dear old Mr. P. It's grey, black and red tartan, used for evenings, yes. Generally a pack of ciggies, perfume, bronzer, money, id, phone, camera, yada, yada.
My general used for work is brown with a huge button on the front. A definite hold all. Lunch, 1.5l water bottle, phone, note book, keys, access card. booooring!

Lauren said...

Ooh, love a good hold all. Access card - haha. Love it!