Thursday, January 21


Hello guys. How have you been?
Yesterday I had the day off and it was awesome. It gave me a chance to do all those important things you can never find time for like eating popcorn in bed, reading Heat magazine and catching up on the latest episodes of South Park. Between all that strenuous activity, I also updated my new flickr account. Speaking of, Flickr turns your sets of photos into these neat thumbnails and I don't know, I'm thinking maybe photos look even better shrunk down to miniature squares. I may even make miniature frames for them. Perhaps not but this year I want to take lots more pictures. My brain usually tunes out when people start talking about aperture and shutter speed but from now on, I will remain tuned in. I was also thinking it might fun to ask a few of my favourite photo bloggers to tell us about their gear and share a few tips and tricks if we're lucky. We shall see. Have lovely Thursdays!


Anonymous said...

I <3 Flickr

La.K said...

ahh.. so much of lovely, la

i too have made a promise to myslef to take more pictures this year. and lomo :)

Danka Swart said...

ahhh... sooo pretty they are indeed... :)

Cupcake Couture said...

I love your flikr photos!